2 suspects arrested, 1 charged in murder of Skyway homeowner

Two people are accused, and one behind bars, in the murder of a Skyway homeowner one week ago. 

Detectives say 62-year-old Damon Allen was murdered after confronting burglars snooping around his home in the middle of the night. Prosecutors allege their suspect had burglarized nearly the entire neighborhood along South 124th Street before a confrontation turned fatal.

Two people were arrested in the case, a 20-year-old woman who has yet to be charged, and her associate, 31-year-old Kyland Houle, who faces murder and firearms charges. He was arrested less than five miles away at his apartment. He was out on bail at the time and has 21 charges in his criminal history. 

"I got more security cameras and bought a shotgun," said one neighbor who asked his identity be withheld.

The man said his nerves are still frayed after police said one week ago, his neighbor was murdered in cold blood, shot in the head at point-blank range near his home on 80th Avenue South. 

"It’s scary, heartbreaking," said neighbor Christina Nguyen.

Nguyen also lives down the street from Allen. Court documents suggest her surveillance cameras captured images of the two suspects, their alleged final confrontation, and final gun shot happening around a stolen SUV, detectives say.

Houle’s criminal history reveals arrests for 14 misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors, plus six felonies including assault and burglary. A non-profit agency shelled out 10-thousand dollars to bail him out of jail recently, according to prosecutors. Now he is back behind bars, awaiting arraignment, this time held on $4-million bail.

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Friends say the Allen spent decades working for Boeing; others saying the man is exactly the kind of neighbor anybody could want. A week later, flowers remain scattered on the ground where he took his last breath. A cold reminder that a good man was taken too soon.

Houle’s arraignment is scheduled for June 9.