Belltown restaurant reopens after fatal shooting of owner

Aburiya Bento House reopened its doors Tuesday months after the shooting death of owner, Eina Kwon. 

The Belltown restaurant near Pike Place Market announced on its website it would reopen Sept. 12. It had been closed ever since her death.

On June 13, 34-year-old Kwon, who was 32 weeks pregnant, was with her husband Sung Kwon on their way to their restaurant. 

Authorities said they were stopped at the intersection on Fourth Avenue and Lenora Street when a man ran up to them and started shooting. 


Man pleads not guilty in unprovoked fatal shooting of pregnant woman in Seattle

A man who police say fatally shot a pregnant woman while exhibiting signs of a mental health crisis in Seattle earlier this month pleaded not guilty Thursday.

According to court documents, Eina Kwon was shot four times and medics rushed her to the hospital, where she later died.  Her unborn child survived for a short time but also later died. 

Sung Kwon was also taken to the hospital for his injuries. 

The man accused of shooting and killing Eina Kwon was identified as Cordell Maurice Goosby, and he has been charged with first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder.

His bail was set at $10 million.

If convicted, Goosby could face up to 57 years in prison, the King County prosecutor’s office said.