CDC lifts final COVID-19 travel restriction Sunday

The last COVID-19 travel restriction has been lifted for air travelers overseas. As of Sunday, you no longer need a negative COVID test to get into the U.S. as you return from abroad.

The White House and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say it is "no longer necessary," and the mandate has been rescinded right at the start of summer.

At the same time, the CDC says more than 100,000 Americans are testing positive for COVID in King County, with cases up 19% from just a week ago.

Hospitalizations are up, too, with an average of 15 per day.

"It's always a risk when you travel in this day and age," said Michael Park, who is traveling to London for work. "People need to work, people need to play and be willing to see each other."

They didn't have any flight attendants. So we were four hours late," said Frank Seymour, arriving from Miami. "The airlines are going to have to get more employees and I don't know where they're going to find them."

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Travelers say the move will also increase travel demands at a time when airlines are already dealing with staffing shortages and cancellations.

Ahead of the changes, the CDC warns they will reassess their decision in 90 days and will reinstate the requirement if necessary.