Celebrations and protests follow the announcement that Joe Biden won the elections

Across Seattle, folks celebrated in the streets in response to the election results announcing Joe Biden as the new president of the United States.

Folks were out in neighborhoods like Capitol Hill and West Seattle commemorating the announcement Joe Biden won the election.

“I didn’t realize how relieved I would feel physically. It’s just all tight from the stress of dealing with this,” said Phillip Ratliff.

Music pumped out of Easy Street records as a DJ added a soundtrack to the day-long celebration.

“Go get the music and let’s get the garage door up and see what happens,“ said Derek Moon from behind the turntables.

Moon says he saw folks celebrating in the street and wanted to add a soundtrack to the event.

For some the celebration was a family event.

“Showing our kids being a part of a democracy is not something to be afraid of and yet something to celebrate is really important to us,” said Tom Satwicz.

The muse in West Seattle ended around 5pm, but folks say this is just the beginning of the celebration.

However, not every is happy about the results.

In Olympia, a group of protesters were outside of the Capitol Building for what is being called across the country as the “stop the steal” movement.