Cold enough for some lowland snow on Monday

Heavy rain continues south of Seattle. Heaviest rain is from Tacoma to Portland, OR. Seattle is in the rainshadow so very little rain is making it here. It will stay breezy overnight and become windy on Monday. The strongest winds will be up around Bellingham with gusts to 45mph there. The wind chill north of Everett will be in the single digits. The mountains get snow overnight on the passes. Monday will be cold enough for some lowland snow mainly above 500ft. and away from Puget Sound. The snow will be falling on a warm ground so snow sticking on the streets looks unlikely. The commute times should be o.k. even if there is some snow falling. Tuesday will be cold enough for icy roads in the morning but almost all of the moisture is gone by then so additional snowfall will be unlikely. Tuesday through Thursday will be very cold but it’ll be clear/sunny. Lows near 25 and highs near 40 most of this week. Later in the week we could see some snow showers but most will be away from the main Metro areas. Updates to follow. Walter. 12/1/13