Community group calls for more police after spike in violence in Hilltop neighborhood

TACOMA – People in Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood are afraid for their safety because of three deadly shootings in less than a week. And one community group is fighting back against this spike in crime.

Hilltop Action Coalition is asking the Tacoma Police Department to temporarily give the Hilltop neighborhood two more officers until this violence is under control.

“They're pretty well upset. Because this is our neighborhood!”  Hilltop Action Coalition’s Bradley Killian said about people who come into his office.

A drive-by shooting killed 19-year-old Philip Ryan. Tears aren’t dry yet from the murders of 26-year-old Steven Speakman and 18-year-old Elijah Crawford, both killed last week.

“We haven't had that type of violence up here for at least several years and it was kind of shocking to hear that that happened,” Killian said.

Killian works with the community to prevent this type of violence.

“Dealing with the gangs were also into dealing with human resources,” Killian added.

The increased number of younger gang members and transients flooding the community call for more police, he said.

“We know they have a budget problem but we have a community problem and they need to step up more,” Killian explained. “Not a drive-by in a police car but stop and take a good look.”