Strawberries and canned salmon? Creator of ‘Spokane-style’ pizza explains recipe from viral video

Strawberries, bell peppers, onions, fry sauce and canned salmon on a pizza?

Earlier this month, Mythical Kitchen’s Josh Scherer posted a 0:36 second video of making a "Spokane-style" pizza and claimed it was "the most underrated regional pizza."

The "Spokane-style" pizza video has had more than a million views but has also sparked some controversy online.

FOX 13 News spoke with Scherer Tuesday morning, and he explained that the recipe is made up.

"This is the official apology tour. Spokane pizza is not what I’d call technically real nor does it have anything to actually do with the city of Spokane," Scherer said. "It was a total joke that we were making, and I did not expect people to take it as seriously as they did."

Mythical Kitchen is known for making comedy and food-based videos and Scherer said its followers knew it was a joke. But after it was posted on Twitter, that’s when it sparked some outrage.

Scherer said that he has been to Spokane and was there for one week. He also said Mythical Kitchen picked Spokane because they thought it’s a city that people heard about but probably didn’t know too much about.

"I just remember Zip’s Drive-in and eating fry sauce with the crinkle cut fries," he said. "So I was like, ‘We gotta put the fry sauce on it.’"

As for the salmon, Scherer said it was for the state of Washington.

"Even though Eastern Washington isn’t known for salmon, (we) knew we had to put it on there. (I) thought canned salmon would be funnier," he said.

Scherer also explained that the original plan was to put huckleberries on the pizza, but they weren’t available.

"We’re in Burbank, California and we can’t get huckleberries, and we’re going to really annoy people if we put strawberries," he said.

FOX 13 made the pizza on Good Day Seattle and tried it, but had to ask Scherer what he thought of it.

"I will say, it was better than I expected, and I think it’s better than it has any right to be," Scherer said. "The state of Washington, ‘I am so sorry.’"

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