Dad finds meth in daughter’s Halloween candy

HERCULES, Calif. -- Police in San Francisco are searching for clues after a father found a bag of methamphetamine in his daughter's Halloween candy bag.

The man examining his 8-year old daughter's candy when he found the small pink bag.

The bag tested positive for methamphetamine, according to police. Officers said the pink bag contained only a tenth of a gram of the drug.

"A tenth of a gram is enough for felony charges filed for possession of a controlled substance," said Hercules Police Department Sgt. Ezra Tafesse.

It remains unclear if the drugs were intentionally dropped in the child's Halloween bag.

"It's not somebody vicious in this neighborhood. It's somebody who was stupid and made a mistake, or the child picked up the wrong bag," Susan Keeffe, a neighbor, told KGO-TV.

Police say it's difficult to fingerprint evidence this small after so many people have handled it.