Deadly SeaTac hit-and-run: Suspect’s friend urged him to turn himself in

After hours of searching, the manhunt is over for the suspect accused of hitting and killing a man with a stolen truck.

The victim was a father out for a Sunday drive with their child, when the suspect slammed into their car near the corner of S 128th Street and 22nd Ave S in SeaTac.

More than 24 hours after the fatal crash, debris still litters the roadway. Shards of glass and fragments of the two cars involved dot the pavement. A small memorial—a single candle and some flowers—offers another somber reminder to drivers passing by.

Momo Abdul lives across the street from the house where the two vehicles collided. He stumbled across the wreckage Sunday morning as he was leaving the neighborhood.

"The accident was so bad, it must have been a T-bone," remarked Abdul. "It looks really bad."

According to hospital officials at Harborview Medical Center, the child is still in the ICU. As of Monday afternoon, their condition was serious.

FOX 13 News spoke with a woman who says she’s a friend of the suspect and encouraged him to turn himself in.

"I just feel so bad for that family," she shared. "There’s no words in the world anybody can say to bring anybody back or make anything better."

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Two of her dogs were in the back of his stolen truck and were hurt during the accident. One now needs surgery. She’s set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds.

"I’m really trying to hold it together," she shared. "Two of her dogs were in the back of his stolen truck and were hurt during the accident."

She said her friend, the suspect, has been unstable and spiraled into a cycle of addiction. She says he’s been living on the streets.

"I wish we could have gone back in time, and he could have gotten the proper help that he needed," she said. "They say there’s all these resources, but there’s not…and it just takes one fluke, one freak accident, one time to have a life-changing situation like this."