Demonstrators march in solidarity for immigrant workers in Seattle on May Day

A call for action supporting immigrant workers echoed through the streets of Seattle’s Central District on Saturday. Dozens of demonstrators participated in the annual Worker’s Rights March, recognized on May 1st as International Worker’s Day.

"We’re going to stand for racial justice, immigrant justice, and our movements are what have built towards this moment and towards this moment of action," said Roxana Norouzi, deputy director of immigrant rights organization OneAmerica.

"I’m glad to see that there are still people interested and concerned about our immigration situation and the people down at the border," said Ray Macanaynay, representing Veterans for Peace.

Q13 News photo

People marched in solidarity for immigrants seeking protections, living wages, and job secruity. Many of the participants said they are waiting to see progress on immigration reform.

"Demand that Congress move swiftly on a pathway to citizenship for DREAMERS for TPS workers for all the essential workers that have rebuilt our country, that have been our heroes over the last year. It is now our responsibility and Congress’ responsibility to act," said Norouzi.

Glicerio Zurita, representing OneAmerica, said without government assistance, the people they help have struggled to survive the pandemic.

"It’s been hard for the community. A lot of people lose their jobs and some families didn’t have any income," said Zurita. "I just want to invite all the communities to get together and really fight for what is affecting us."

"How can we say that people are essential but deportable? We have essential workers in this country who we say are essential, who have kept our country running but can be deported still? We need to change that," said Norouzi.

Some demonstrators said change should start at the local level.

"I definitely want to see better leadership and it’s on the people to make sure we stay educated and that we understand what makes a good leader," said participant Mark Anthony.

Saturday’s march ended at Hing Hay Park in Seattle’s International District.