Docs: Seattle man told neighbor he killed a woman inside his apartment, leading to his arrest

A man suspected of killing a woman inside his Seattle apartment told his neighbor about the alleged crime, according to court documents. 

On Jan. 2, a resident at the Canaday Apartments on Minor Avenue relayed what his neighbor told him to 911 dispatchers. He said he also saw the woman's body in his neighbor's unit. 

Police responded to the apartment building to conduct a welfare check, and found the door ajar and music blasting from the unit in question. 

Due to the nature of the visit, police announced themselves and entered the apartment, where they found the suspect, identified as 46-year-old Allister Baldwin, and a woman on the floor covered in blood. 

The 51-year-old woman was cold to the touch and was heavily bleeding from multiple wounds on her neck, face and shoulder area, according to court documents. 

"Due to the amount of blood covering the victim, it was difficult to determine the extent of the injuries to [the victim] while her body was still at the scene," documents said.

Police say they found a bloody folding knife near the victim's foot, as well as a pipe used for crack-cocaine and/or meth. 

Baldwin was arrested without incident inside the apartment. 

According to court documents, the victim also lived in the same apartment building as the suspect. Witnesses told police that the pair were dating, but casually. 

Documents say Baldwin was only wearing pants, and the victim was found naked from the waist down on a bed. Police say Baldwin is a convicted sex offender out of Texas and preliminary investigation indicates a possible sexual motivation.

An autopsy is pending to determine how the woman died. 

According to court documents, she "suffered an extreme amount of physical trauma." The victim had both sharp and blunt-force injuries and had multiple broken bones, including ribs and fingers. She had multiple sharpe-force wounds to her neck and back and had wounds that punctured areas of both her rib cage and her neck, court documents say. 

Baldwin is being held in the King County Jail without bail. 

"The defendant’s history of sexual assault and the nature of his actions in this case demonstrate that he is likely to continue to commit acts of violence and, as a result, he is a danger to the community," prosecutors said in court documents. 

This homicide is the first of the year in King County.