Everett Fire Department distributes donated face coverings for free

EVERETT – The Everett Fire Department is sounding the alarm after a rash of neighbors-helping-neighbors.

The pubic is being encouraged to help as the department offers face coverings for free several times a week. State health officials suggest wearing one can help stem the spread of Covid-19.

Several times each week the department and volunteers hand out face coverings for families in need. In North Everett on Friday morning volunteers offered them to anyone who asked,

“I’ve never bothered to add them up,” said volunteer Jim Grieco.

More than 3,500 face coverings have been given away to the public in recent weeks, according to the fire department. Anyone seeking to donate face coverings is encouraged to coordinate via email.

“We clean them, bag them and tag them with instructions on how to care and wear them,” said department spokesperson Rachael Doniger.

After receiving a donation of non-medical face masks several weeks ago, the fire department learned more people wanted to help, so officials devised a plan to keep the giving going.

“People are answering that call,” said Doniger. “They’re being part of the solution and helping the spread so we can all recover and move forward.”

“Lots of people like the Mickey Mouse,” said volunteer Angel Lux.

Lux says she has been producing face coverings at her Lynnwood home for several weeks.

“I think in a way it’s been very healing for a lot of people to participate in this project,” said Dania Liu from the Chinese American Civic Association.

Liu says approximately 60 association members have volunteered for the project. About 600 face coverings donated to the fire department have been given away. An additional 300 more will soon be delivered to the fire department, said Liu. Several other organizations have also received face coverings constructed by the association's volunteers.

“Our efforts will just be a drop in the ocean,” said Liu.

Even if social distancing efforts keep communities separated, volunteers like Lux say our connections are closer than ever before.

“I just want everybody safe,” said Lux. “I just want everybody to be healthy.”

The Everett Fire Department updates social media to notify when volunteers plan to distribute face coverings.