Families of double murder victims pleading for help to find the shooters

Two families are demanding answers after their loved ones were shot and killed at a motel in Kent.

The case is at a standstill as no arrests have been made.

Police are releasing new videos hoping the community can help bring justice to the families.

Michelle McKnight is a making a plea no mother should ever have to make.

"Help me, help my daughter rest in peace," McKnight said.

Her daughter, 32-year-old Sharmayne Nicole Jackson, went home to Anchorage, Alaska in ashes.

She and Sean Peoples were shot and Killed January 31st.

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Detectives with the Kent Police Department released videos of the night of the double murder. 

Around 10:25 p.m., two people are seen walking up to the Kent Valley Motel off Central Ave. N in Kent. They knocked, and a few moments later someone opens the door. It remains open for some time. About a minute later, faint screaming is heard, the door slams shut, and a bang follows.

About six seconds later, two more shots are heard, followed by more loud bangs. It's unclear how many more times they were shot. A few moments later, the door opens and the alleged shooters, a man and woman, are captured running away.

Now Sharmayne’s mother is demanding answers from more than 2,200 miles away.

"What was so important that you would take two people away from their families; take a beautiful mother away from her children?" McKnight said. 

After viewing the footage, we asked her if there was any possibility Sharmayne knew who their attackers were.

"I have no clue. I don't know who let them in? If it was her, if it was the other person, I have no clue," McKnight said.

Sharmayne was a mother of two little girls ages 7 and 9.  She moved to Kent in 2022 with the hope of getting clean. 

The dark path to substance use started with a loss of a dear friend, which led to antidepressants. Michelle says she was using Benzo's until someone introduced her to ecstasy.

"She still so much life to live," McKnight said. "In my head, she was coming home. I had hoped she was coming home. She just needed to get past this."

She says Kent was meant to be a fresh start for Sharmayne and her two daughters. She called them frequently and no matter what – Michelle says she always put them first. The last time she video called her daughters, was Sunday, just 48 hours before she was killed. 

She says her daughter was surviving off $200 from her disability checks. The room at the motel was paid through Friday.

"I don't think she saw any trouble coming in either," McKnight said. "If this was a robbery, then what did you take from my daughter? She didn't have much to take."

Sean Peoples was a father too, his daughter Seantrice she was an only child. She says she’s heartbroken, devastated and is hopeful the shooters are caught.

Families have honored their loved ones and celebrated their lives, but the pain remains. They say they’re far from closure, but hope someone will recognize the people responsible.

"Let's get these people off the street and help bring your town a little bit safer," McKnight said. "The closure will start when there's an arrest, but then we know it’s a long haul after that to finally get to the justice part."

Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound is offering a $1,000 cash reward for any information that leads to an arrest in the case. You will remain anonymous when you submit a tip through the P3 Tips App on your cell phone or by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). If you would like to speak with an investigator, call Kent PD Detective Wesson at (253) 856-5926.

This is a developing story.