FBI: Seattle saw spike in crime in 2012

SEATTLE -- Seattle is recovering from an increase in violent crime.

According to the FBI’s Crime in the United States for 2012, violent crime increased in nearly every category in Seattle from the previous year.

The FBI’s statistics show that the city recorded 23 murder and manslaughter cases last year, up from 20 in 2011.

Forcible rapes, robberies, assaults and car thefts also saw a slight spike.

The only category that recorded a drop in the number of reported crimes was burglaries. Seattle police investigated 6,807 burglaries in 2011, compared to 6,523 in 2012.

Seattle’s data is in line with the national trend, which saw a 0.7% increase in violent crime in 2012 compared to 2011.

Property crimes were up 2.2% in Washington in 2012. Nationwide, property crimes saw a steady decline for the 10th straight year.

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