'FIFTY FIFTY' Chief Producer on K-Pop group’s 9-week Billboard success

FOX 13 has kept up with K-Pop group FIFTY FIFTY since they made their first comeback with their hit song ‘Cupid’ earlier this year.

Behind the four member group is Chief Producer SIAHN.


FIFTY FIFTY’s achievements on their song ‘Cupid’ have been stacking up every day. Now the group holds the title of "Longest-Charting K-Pop Girl Group track on the Billboard Hot 100", according to AllKPOP.

The group has gained more than 36 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Chief Producer SIAHN answered a few questions for FOX 13 about the members and the future of their music after the massive success.

ARAN, SAENA, KEENA and SIO - the four stars that make up FIFTY FIFTY.

CLINT: What was it about ARAN, SAENA, KEENA, and SIO that made them the right fit for the group?

"After choosing the four as final candidates, my primary objective became the development of a training curriculum tailored to both the group's collective growth and the unique abilities of each member. Despite their understandable concerns about joining a new company, I dedicated myself to establishing trust with the artists and fostering a cohesive team dynamic, enabling us to overcome any initial differences and forge a path forward together."

"KEENA, filled with aspirations and always reflecting on her style and artistic identity, brings a unique flavor to FIFTY FIFTY."

"SIO, an essential pillar of FIFTY FIFTY's music, consistently delivers outstanding results and embraces my creative directions with unwavering commitment."

"ARAN, although the most recent addition to the team, seamlessly fits in with her distinctive voice and unwavering dedication." 

"Lastly, but certainly not least, SEANA, the group's leader and main dancer, effectively leads the team members with her uplifting energy, bringing together their distinct personalities into a harmonious whole. I hold firm belief that each member will demonstrate remarkable strengths through the abundance of opportunities that lie ahead."

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Clint: Did you expect "Cupid" to be doing as well as it is?

"I tread cautiously as I say this, but there was a certain level of anticipation for success when we first listened to this song. The song's unexpected global acclaim caught us by surprise, but I initiated this project with the firm belief that it would captivate and resonate with a large audience. The song allowed each individual to beautifully showcase the colors of FIFTY FIFTY, resulting in an exceptional outcome. The members personally connected with the song, putting in their best efforts to genuinely comprehend and convey the message."

Clint: What was your first thought seeing its success?

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the team members who have been by our side since the inception of this project, including Senior Director Jinsil, Head Director Danny, and Director Jeff. While it is impossible to mention every staff member individually, I am truly grateful to each and every person who played a role in making this possible. Above all, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the members of FIFTY FIFTY for having faith in me, which has provided them with the opportunity to grow and establish themselves as global artists."

Clint: Are you worried about trying to replicate the success of Cupid for future releases?

"We deeply appreciate the immense love and support we have received from our fans and listeners worldwide. However, our team remains committed to pursuing our strategic objectives and goals. As we feel the pressure to sustain the momentum, it is premature to determine the success of our efforts. To ensure the continuity of the global attention we have garnered, we must focus our efforts and diligently prepare for the upcoming phase."

Clint: You released news recently that FIFTY FIFTY will be getting its own team that will only focus on them in the future. How does that differ from how they were represented before?

"While it is possible for a single team to handle multiple artists, our preference is to retain our current system, allowing our core team to focus exclusively on managing FIFTY FIFTY and nurturing their unique artistic identity. Our intention is to dedicate ourselves to the act's development while preserving their distinctive style. Moving forward, we aim to refine and enhance the group's strengths while addressing any areas of improvement. We have strong confidence that this approach will contribute to their sustained success on the global stage."