Florida alligator chases couple on golf cart in terrifying video: 'Oh my God'

A video of an alligator chasing two people riding in a golf cart is likely the most Florida thing you'll see today!

The terrifying incident happened Feb. 16 as the golf cart drove peacefully past a pond in Ave Maria, Florida, Storyful reported.

Video captured by Denise Prues showed the alligator slowly strolling between nearby homes towards the pond, before quickly running and opening its jaws at the passing golf cart.


The driver could be seen swerving off the path as he tried to avoid the menacing gator.

"Oh my God," Prues could be heard saying as she filmed the scary encounter. 

"I heard a noise in the side yard and looked up, and the alligator was slowly walking between the houses. I was on my phone so quickly switched over to video," she told Storyful.