Hispanic Heritage Month: Dreamer makes dream come true, one snack at a time

The location is small and tucked away in a strip mall off SR 900 in Renton. But do not let that fool you. Once you walk inside Jazzy's Antojitos and Gelatinas, the interior colors of the snack shop pop. And so do the flavors of the food and drinks.

"Antojitos, it comes from the word ‘antojos’, which is basically cravings," said co-owner Joselyn Chavez "Which is like little cravings, treats."

The small snack shop specializes in Mexican treats. ‘Gelatinas’, which is basically a Jell-O treat but with a Latin twist. Flavors like Mazapan, Gonsito, Tres Leches, and Coconut.

One of the more popular snacks is a 'sorbet' drink called Mangonada which combines mangos chunks, ice, Tajin, tamarind candy and Chamoy sauce.

Another favorite is a 'Tostiesquite'. This snack uses a bag of chips like Tostitos, hot Cheetos or Takis. The bag is cut open sideways, so it can be like a cup or bowl. But that's not all, as more toppings are poured into the bag.

"This is white corn, but we add butter, so it's yellow," said Chavez. "We also use sour cream, but mayo is definitely the most common."

Lime, cotija cheese and chili powder is also added to complete the Tostiesquite. 

This snack shop was a dream come true for owner Jazmin Becerra. Jazmin arrived in the U.S. from Mexico about 20 years ago, she said. When she was younger, she knew that she wanted to have her own business. But as she learned how to make gelatinas, she thought that doing this as a business might be a calling. She is grateful the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, was created. It enabled her dreams to become reality.

"Which was a great opportunity for all of us that were brought here when we were little," said Becerra.

For Jazmin, she was seven years old when she came to the U.S. One of the first families she got to know was Joselyn's. They became closer friends in Junior High School.

"We're both sitting here because of our families. If it wasn't for them, how much they worked, for keeping us in school, trying to give us food, and just a house to live in, it was hard," said Becerra.

Jazzy's has been open for about a year, said Becerra. Even in that short time, there were setbacks.

"I got sick from COVID, had to shut down for a few months. But that's when I realized it was the perfect time to see if somebody would be interested," said Becerra.

Interested she means, in helping out with the business. That's where her childhood friend Joselyn, came into the mix. And now they both run the business together.

"I just invite everyone to come by our shop, even if you don't know the snacks. Support local business, support women in business," said Chavez.

For Becerra, the dream of Jazzy's continues. Both have said, they want to see the business grow and expand. 

"My dreams have come true. I'm still working on them. I have bigger ones. It's just a matter of time," said Becerra. "Even if you don't know what to do in life, just try out stuff. You're never going to know what you'll start loving.

The Dreamer making dreams come true. 

Jazzy's Antojitos and Gelatinas is open six days a week, closed on Mondays. 


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