How to turn your kid's artwork into the coolest gift ever

Shopping for the perfect gift for Christmas for the kid in your life can feel impossible.

But what if you could make their dreams literally come true?

A small mail order company called Budsies says they do just that.

Budsies asks that you email or text them a photo of your child’s artwork and they will make a plush toy from that design.

“The perfect gift to transform imagination into a huggable stuffed animal keepsake,” says the company’s website.

The website and social media accounts are packed full of examples of kids posing with their art and the Budsie created from it.

The company says the price tag is $69.00 and it takes roughly 5 weeks to get your Budsies delivery.

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The catch, if you want to get one by this Christmas you have to order by the end of the day today.

Here’s how to do it>>