‘I thought he was gone’: Federal Way family rattled after gunfire from car prowlers

A Federal Way family is counting their blessings Tuesday night after a violent run-in with car prowlers.

Over the weekend, the crew of thieves set off a motion light, prompting the family to open the door. That is when the bullets started flying, which came within inches of hitting Devante Johnson.

He had just walked outside to see who was near his dad's SUV.

Devante told FOX 13 News he had to duck and run for cover behind his mom’s car and feels fortunate to be alive.

"I’m just thankful to be here," said Devante.

He was awake when the motion light came on at around 1 a.m. Sunday, and he went outside to see what was happening.

"I got to right here, and that’s when I saw the gun," recalled Devante. "I ducked behind my mom’s car, and I saw bullets hitting the ground, ricocheting off the ground."

A bullet hole in the garage door was less than two feet from hitting his head.

"I’m ducking down right here, and I’m seeing bullets sparks and everything," explained Devante, "I felt like I’m about to feel a bullet hit me any second."

You can hear his mother Judy Barnes yelling his name in panic.

"I thought he was gone because when I came outside, I could see one shoe, and I was just screaming for his name," said Judy.

The shooter not only fired at Devante but also Steven Barnes, who was at the second-floor window, leaving a hole in the bedroom there.

"They could have killed my son," said Steven, "they could have killed me."

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Judy's car was also hit.

"My gas tank was punctured with a bullet, which could have been all bad," said Judy, "it could have blown up my car and my garage and my house."

Another hit Steven’s car in the garage and nearly hit the house heating system.

"It went in and came out; it hit the round and went up into the wall right here," said Steven, "it could have exploded; it could have been a tragic situation."

The family feels lucky they survived.

"Whoever did this, you don’t know what you are doing—you are putting people’s lives in danger," said Steven. Judy added, "Car prowling is one thing, but shooting at an occupied house, that’s attempted murder."

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"I feel definitely lucky, blessed," said Devante.

The family says based on tools and other evidence left behind, they suspect the thieves were trying to steal a catalytic converter off of Steven’s SUV. Steven says the family found at least seven bullet casings around their home.

Federal Way Police are investigating.