‘Israel is in our hearts’; Pro-Israel rally pulls hundreds of supporters to downtown Bellevue

Hundreds of supporters flocked to downtown Bellevue for a Pro-Israel rally Monday night.

After watching Hamas' attack in Israel unfold through social media, Ronit Bohrer Hillel joined the rally in support of Israel and condemning Hamas' attack over the weekend.

"The conflict between Israeli people and Palestinian people has been there, and both are to blame, but taking a conflict and making it a massacre is unacceptable," said Hillel. "It's a horror, a violation of human rights in the most basic level."

A sea of blue and white Israeli flags flew as supporters called for peace and comforted each other.

"Israel is in our hearts and it's hard to see our country in this state," said Hillel.

Rabbi Levi Farkash of Chabad of Downtown Bellevue wrapped tefillin, small black cubes containing Torah texts with straps, onto every outstretched arm at the rally.

"We're trying to get many men in the area to put on tefillin and encouraging ladies also to light candles for the Sabbath every Friday," said Rabbi Farkash.

Concerns of counter-protestors were put to rest as the rally ended peacefully.

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"The way that the Jewish people think of ourselves is like a family, one big extended family, so when one gets hurt, all of us feel the pain," said Randy Kessler, Regional Director of Standwithus Northwest.