Issaquah prepares for extreme temps with cooling center

People living in Issaquah will certainly need the A/C as it's expected to one of the hottest cities in Washington state. Our Q13 News crew found two places among others where people in or out of the area can go to beat the heat.

The Q13 Weather team has issued Weather Alert Days for Issaquah for Saturday, Sunday and Monday with temperatures projected to hit 111 on the 28th.

The two places our crew went to were are about five minutes away from each other. Both had A/C but only one has food and root beer and food to help you take your mind off of the heat.

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The first one is Triple XXX Root beer Drive-in. Manager Jose Enciso said when they heard about the heat headed their way they made sure they were prepared and bought fans in every size. 

"We got those fans about a week ago when we started hearing about the temperature we just went and bought a whole bunch of fans and now you go, you can't find them now," said Enciso.

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Enciso said he wants Triple XXX Root Beer Drive-in to be a place for the community to come when they need to cool down, eat good food, have fun and get their mind off the heat.

Just down the road is the Issaquah Community Center where the official cooling center will be. The facility will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. There are multiple rooms with A/C, tables, chairs and water. Mary-Lou Pauly said their doors are open to everyone. 

"It costs nothing and everybody is welcome," said Pauly. "You don't have to live in Issaquah you just have to want to cool down."

Pauly said they are expecting 25 to 40 people but will have room for up to 100. They're expecting 25-to-40 people, but Pauly says they can accommodate up to 100. 

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