General manager reflects on time at Triple XXX Rootbeer

Heartfelt appreciation has been pouring out throughout Thursday for Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-in in Issaquah. The landmark drive-in has been home to great burgers and great memories for decades. But it closed its doors suddenly Wednesday night, leaving the community hungry for answers about what could come next.

Local efforts helping to restore region's salmon habitats

For 54 years, the city of Issaquah has turned the annual salmon migration into a community-wide festival of music, food, and fun. This year, there is extra reason to celebrate as the region’s fish population shows signs of a rebound.

Giant trolls take-over Puget Sound: Where they are and what they mean

The trolls, however, are not meant to be pinpointed for the public to find with ease. Dambo offers up general information with his troll map online, and there are visual clues in the form of brightly colored bird houses to let each visitor know they’re on the right track.