Washington HVAC companies slammed by customer demand ahead of record-breaking temperatures

The heat has arrived and it's only getting hotter from here. If you’re lucky, by now you’ve got some way to stay cool. 

Maybe that’s a new box fan. If you’re really lucky, you’ve got air conditioning inside your home. But, if your system is giving you trouble, you just might have to push through the weekend before HVAC crews can make it out to your home for repairs.

Plus, some professionals tell Q13 News the pandemic’s impact on the supply chain might leave some people in the heat.

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"Our office is slammed right now, the phones are ringing off the hook," said All Seasons Inc. owner David Bradshaw.

Bradshaw's company--based out of Tacoma--lives by its name, including this weekend’s unseasonably hot weather.

"Mild weather is great," he said. "Hot weather is great to hit the beach, but I’m not going to hit the beach in a while."

Bradshaw’s company spent this Friday finishing an install on a new system in Covington. 

"We need it," said homeowner Mark Goff. "This was a long time coming, my wife will be pleased."

Bradshaw says the majority of calls into his office are requests to fix a failing system. Supply chain delays are also reverberating and could stall work until the parts come in.

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"Hang on ty and be patient," Bradshaw said. "It may take a while. We are running from sun up to past sundown."

For those who cannot wait for repairs, fans may be their next option. At the ACE hardware in Maple Valley, managers say customers lined up before the store opened this morning and what was left began at $75.

Bradshaw says if you’re lucky, checking your HVAC systems filter or circuit breaker could get your unit cooling through the weekend. But, if your unit needs more work, getting to you might mean sweating it out amidst record-breaking temperatures.

"We’re working sunrise to sunset, doing the best to help as many customers we can," said Bradshaw.


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