It's legal, but is it OK? Youth wrestling club raffling off a rifle

HALSTEAD, Kansas. – A few people in a small Kansas town – and a whole bunch of people on the internet – are upset that a student wrestling club is raffling off a semi-automatic rifle, KWCH-12 reported.

For $20 a ticket, entrants over the age of 18 have a chance to win a Smith & Wesson M&P 15. According to the rules, the winner must pass a background check.

"It's going to upset some parents and may even hurt their ability to raise money in the future," said Mark Rodenberg, who said he’s lived in Halstead his whole life and grew up around guns.

The club’s coach, Ty Miller, told the station that most of the kids in the club grew up around guns, which is why he decided the rifle raffle was OK.

He also said sales have been brisk.

"In this kind of town everybody either shoots or has friends, family and relatives that shoot,” said Chris Belveal, another Halstead resident.

Miller said the raffle is legal.