Lakewood PD: 5 kids flee from stolen car, 1 drowned in nearby swamp

Lakewood Police say a child ran into a swamp and drowned, after fleeing a stolen car with five others over the weekend.

Officers were called around 10:05 p.m. Saturday to reports of a stolen Kia Sportage heading westbound on Steilacoom Blvd SW near Lakewood Dr. They found and followed the car with their lights and siren off while waiting for more police to assist.

The car pulled up to a locked gate at Lochburn Middle School, at which point one of the officers turned on their patrol lights and attempted to stop the car.

It sped north on Woodlawn Ave SW before reaching a dead end, then several kids got out of the car and ran.

Police searched the car, where they found two guns. Two juveniles were quickly found and were soaking wet, so officers searched the nearby swamp for others.

They found another juvenile out in the water, but after they ignored orders to get out, officers trudged in and searched for them. They found the juvenile submerged in three feet of water, unresponsive. After bringing him back to solid ground, officers and medical personnel attempting lifesaving measures, then transported the kid to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

The juvenile died shortly after at the hospital.

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Lakewood Police are still searching for a fourth and fifth suspect who fled the stolen car. A third gun was recovered from the swamp where one of the kids had been found submerged.