Large 'prayer protest' takes place in Seattle, despite city trying to prevent it

Hundreds attended a worship rally Monday evening, despite the city of Seattle seemingly trying to prevent the event by closing down the park where it was scheduled to happen.  

“A side street across from Gas Works Park was packed tightly with people with a singular message, 'We’re just out here worshipping Jesus,'” said attendee Vlad Kostenko.

In between singing worship songs, worship leader Sean Feucht declared the event a prayer protest.

“I think this is kinda turned into a protest because the government will support protests, which are great. I’ve gone to plenty, but then they won’t allow for churches to gather and it’s still so important to communities, because for me, it’s my life,” says attendee Sofia Amador.

The event was originally supposed to take place at Gas Works Park, but ahead of the weekend, the city decided to close the park due to anticipated crowding that could be a health hazard. With it being the only park closed in the entire city, attendees felt it was clearly to prevent the large event.

“They closed that down. They don’t want us in there. They don’t want us to speak on this, they don’t want us to preach, so we’re going to preach no matter what. They can’t do anything about it,” said attendee Brett Saylar.

Most people in the crowd didn’t wear a mask or social distance.

“People choose what they want to do and I think everyone is responsible for their own health,” said attendee Kostenko.

“The world is just going through so much and so many churches aren’t open yet and this is just to give hope to people,” says attendee Sofia Amador.