Law enforcement zeroing in on burglaries and auto thefts at car dealerships

Auburn police said there is an uptick in burglaries and auto thefts at car dealerships. 

Detective Damon Hewin said in a three-week period, there were 15 to 20 vehicles stolen from dealerships in the City of Auburn alone.

"I’m learning that there are incidents in Fife and Renton, obviously here in Auburn, Federal Way and Bellevue," said Detective Hewin.

In fact, Detective Hewin said he was watching FOX 13 News on Tuesday when he saw the report about expensive cars being stolen from an auto body shop in Bellevue, and he noticed the suspects gained entry into the building similarly to other incidents he had been investigating.


Porsche stolen from Bellevue auto shop, police say

Bellevue police are investigating after a Porsche was stolen from auto shop overnight. 

According to Bellevue police, the suspects used a white Chevy Cruze to ram through the rolling doors of the shop to get inside. 

"When I saw that, I was like, wait a minute. That’s similar to what I’ve been seeing in my cases here in Auburn, so I wonder if that’s related," said Detective Hewin who then made a call to Bellevue police. "We believe that some of the same individuals that are involved in the Bellevue incident are involved in an incident here in Auburn a few nights ago."

Arianna Bigelow reached out to FOX 13 News and said their dealerships in Auburn and Fife have also been targeted.

"We’ve actually had three cars stolen from January 26 through February 6," said Bigelow. "They actually used a stolen vehicle as a battering ram to prop open our front gates, and back that up into our glass service stores, and then used it again as a battering ram to force those doors open."

Bigelow said she’s in touch with area dealerships, and believe thieves are going after them every night in Tacoma, Fife or Auburn.

"I mean, we’ve talked to stores that have had anywhere from 40 to 100 keys stolen in one night," said Bigelow. "The fact that this is happening night after night after night, and they’re all following the same pattern."

Detective Hewin said investigators are actively working the case and ask anyone with information to call the Auburn PD Tip Line at 253-288-7403.

"This is not just Auburn working alone. If you’re out there, and you’re watching, we’re going to find you," said Detective Hewin.

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