LOOK: Leaping shark photo bombs Australian surfing competition

MACAULEY’S BEACH , Australia – The water at a surfing competition was briefly evacuated in Australia Sunday after a shark was spotted leaping from the water among the participants.

It may sound like a whopper of a fish story, until we tell you it was caught on camera and the photobomb has quickly gone viral.

Steph Bellamy tells Australia’s ABC that she was at Coffs Harbour Boardriders Club competition over the weekend with her camera.

"I took a shot, but as I stood up there was a splash and I thought, 'what was that?' and hit the button to take another photograph," Bellamy told the ABC.

"Then I heard the judges say, 'Wow, what was that?' and I expanded the shot out so I could have a look and it was as plain as day there was a major photobomb from a beautiful creature of our planet.

"It was a shark, and quite a large one."

Everyone in the water was quickly told to get out, but after 10 minutes the competition resumed.

Bellamy said she believes the shark was chasing something when it leapt out of the water.

"He's launched twice at some sort of fish he was after, I think," she told the ABC.

"He certainly wasn't after any of the mums, that's for sure, which is a good thing."