Making Coke at home? Keurig introduces 'Kold' machine

NEW YORK (AP) — Making a glass of Coke at home will soon be possible, if you don't mind paying more than $300 for a machine that sits on your kitchen countertop. Plus an extra dollar or so per drink.

Keurig says it will start selling a machine Tuesday that makes single servings of cold drinks including Coke, Sprite and flavored seltzer. The machine is similar to Keurig's brewers, which let people make cups of coffee and tea by inserting a pod into the machine and pressing a button.

Coca-Cola is betting big on Keurig Kold, too; the company owns a minority stake in Keurig Green Mountain.

Keurig CEO Brian Kelley says the machine is a way for people to have a variety of drinks at their disposal, without the cans and bottles.