Man who allegedly brought gun into movies appears in court

UPDATE - A nursing supervisor at Harborview Medical Center confirmed that Michelle Mallari, the shooting victim, was released from the hospital on Sunday.

SEATTLE - The man suspected of accidentally shooting a woman inside a Renton movie theater has been released on $25,000 bail.

According to court documents, Dane Gallion admitted to taking medicine for anxiety and drinking a beer before going to the movies Thursday night. He says he was worried about recent mass shootings in public places, and that’s why he armed.

His attorney says the 29 year old man is a married father of two, working towards a master’s degree at the University of Washington. That’s why his attorney asked a judge for leniency at a hearing this afternoon.

“He had a concealed weapons permit, I realize that’s not an excuse for what occurred, but he has been basically a very law abiding citizen.”

But Gallion was arrested for driving under the influence in 2011 and witnesses say he appeared to be intoxicated Thursday night, when he brought his gun into the Regal Cinemas in Renton. The judge raised concerns about that, and about Gallion’s actions after his gun went off.

“Especially if he thought it was an accident, I don’t understand leaving the scene.”

The statement of probable cause says Gallion brought his 9mm handgun into the movie and kept it unholstered in his waistband because he was worried about mass shootings. He told detectives that someone in the theater was bothering him, and the gun accidentally went off in his pocket.  Officers later found a discarded handgun magazine in one of the theater’s trash cans. There was also a bullet hole in the seat where 40 year old Michelle Mallari had been sitting.

“It’s a horrible thing to happen, obviously it’s bad for everybody involved,” says Robert Hay, who lives across the street from gallion in Newcastle.

His neighbors say they didn’t know him well, but are surprised to hear of his involvement in the shooting. They say this case raises questions as to who should be allowed to carry weapons and where.

“I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s rights. But obviously people can get hurt, you have to consider your actions,” says Hay.

Now that Gallion has been released on bail, he has to surrender all firearms and stay away from alcohol and controlled substances.

Mallari remains in satisfactory condition at Harborview tonight.