Measure requiring safe storage of guns approved by Seattle City Council

SEATTLE -- The Seattle City Council unanimous approved two ordinances on Monday. The first measure increased the penalty for people who don't report lost or stolen guns and the second required the safe storage of firearms unless being carried by the owner.

According to the legislation, gun owners can face fines of $500 if their firearms are not safely stored, $1,000 if their gun is taken because it wasn't safely stored, and $10,000 if their stolen gun is used to cause injuries or deaths.

The safe storage rules do not affect "antique firearms."

The legislation was developed in collaboration with Councilmember M. Lorena González and based on input from stakeholders including gun owners, safety advocates, community members, and public health experts.

“Seattle is proud to be a city taking tangible action on reducing gun violence by requiring gun owners to responsibly and safely store their firearms when those guns are not in their possession,” said Councilmember González.

The legislation will take effect 180 days after the mayor signs it into law.