‘Mine is dead and missing’; Seattle woman grieves dogs lost in daycare fire

Seattle Fire is still investigating what caused a fire to break out at The Dog Resort in SoDo on Monday night.

The Dog Resort told FOX 13 News that all dogs had been accounted for, but that's not the case according to one woman who boarded two of her dogs at the facility last week.

"I'm not well," said Allison Scarborough. "I'm in Japan watching it all unfold helplessly."

Scarborough says she is currently abroad on a trip to celebrate her win against invasive melanoma cancer, but received a distressing call from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) yesterday.

"[WSDOT] was asking if somebody was going to pick up my dog because her body had been found on the side of I-5," said Scarborough.

Scarborough says her dog Georgie is now dead, and her three-year-old Pomsky, Remi, is missing.

"I am absolutely disgusted with them," said Scarborough. "Clearly, there was no procedure in place, or no lessons learned from the first fire to evacuate the dogs safely."

Scarborough is referencing this fire that broke out at The Dog Resort's Lake City location in February.

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Scarborough says she spoke to the facility's owner over the phone and has been upset about the response.

"[The Dog Resort owner] told me that she understands because she has her two dogs in the backseat right now, but mine is dead and mine is missing, so she doesn't understand," said Scarborough.

Scarborough says a kind stranger may have spotted Remi, a 25-pound pup near Costco in SoDO, but is still waiting to be reunited with her dog.

"Love your animals and be kind to them, tell them you love them, because you may not have them one day," said Scarborough.