Mom warns about car prowls at day cares

KENT -- Police say car prowls can happen anywhere, even if you leave your car unattended for just minutes. One mom has a warning for other parents after her stuff was stolen from her car at her child’s day care.

Deanne fears crooks who stole her wallet five days ago might find out where she lives but she has an important message to share.

While picking up her child at a Kent day care on Lakeside Boulevard, someone smashed the passenger window of her car and stole her new purse.

"It was nerve-racking,” Deanne said.  “My hands were shaking. It's a sense of violation. I was happy that I hadn't grabbed my son yet before it had happened and he didn't have to experience and see that.”

Deanne isn't the first victim at this day care. There’s a warning on the door about the recent crimes. It's a problem at day cares across the area. Parents leave their unattended cars for just minutes and find their windows smashed and valuables missing.

Deannne said, "The Kent police said this is a regular problem in the valley. It happens all the time.”

Neighbors of this day care are aware of the thefts.

Beth Parks says she had items stolen from her car when she first moved into her apartment. Now she's planning on moving out.

"Yes, I'm moving,” Parks said.  “It does scare me. I left town and was actually scared to leave my car here for a week.”

Deanne hopes folks learn from this. She says she'll never leave her purse in the car again even if it's just for a few seconds.

"I can't believe people would do this and can sleep at night. It baffles me.”