More violent clashes with police reported in Seattle overnight

SEATTLE -- Crowds were still out on Capitol Hill Monday morning as we enter Day 11 of protests.

Barricades have been pushed back a couple more blocks to 13th and Pike, while police continue to surround the East Precinct and people continue to gather.

On Sunday, peaceful protests again turned violent after some very scary moments.

First, a man drove his car into a crowd of protesters, shot a man, and then ran toward the police line.

The man who was shot was part of a group of people who threw barriers at the driver to get him to stop. Police on scene credit those people with stopping the driver before he could plow further into the crowd and hurt others.

The man, identified by many in the crowd only as Daniel, was shot in the arm and was able to walk away. He was taken to a hospital in stable condition.

Overnight, Seattle Police say protesters started pointing lasers into the eyes of police and National Guard members, also throwing objects and projectiles into the police line.

Police responded with pepper spray, blast ball and tear gas -- all of this just a few days after Police Chief Carmen Best and Mayor Jenny Durkan said they would not use tear gas.

In an open letter to the mayor, the president of the Seattle Police Guild said the situation is becoming more untenable by the day and fears law and order and officers' safety are in peril.

Chief Best, meanwhile, says this area has become a flashpoint and wants to change the footprint and posture of police here.

She says officers will no longer over-respond and will be here to defend people - not to be an occupying force.

Durkan says she will issue an emergency order Monday regarding police officers using body cameras, among other policy changes including: