Mother arrested for murder after 2nd daughter dies of heroin overdose

MARIES COUNTY, Mo -- A 49-year-old mother is charged with second-degree murder after allegedly giving her teenage daughter a fatal dose of heroin on Christmas Eve, reports.

Starletta Blevins (aka Starletta Moore) was arrested Tuesday for allegedly giving her daughter, 16-year-old Kaylynn Moore, a fatal dose of heroin. Moore was found by sheriff's deputies dead in her bed on Christmas Eve about 130 miles north of St. Louis.

A 10-year-old girl from the same home was placed in state custody.

According to FOX2, this is not the first fatal overdose to occur in the family. Moore’s 15-year-old sister died in April 2003 under similar circumstances.

Maries County, Mo Sheriff Chris Heitman called this one of the worst examples of parenting he had ever seen.

"I have seen a lot of poor parenting in my lifetime, but this is the worst I have seen," Heitman said.

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