Move over! Troopers target left-lane drivers

TACOMA -- Despite a campaign started in 2011, troopers with the Washington State Patrol say they are still seeing plenty of people driving in the left passing lane on state highways.

In Thurston and Pierce counties alone, troopers stopped more than 2,200 drivers in 2013.

"If people would abide that law and move right and let people pass, it’ll keep these traffic jams down to a minimum," said State Patrol trooper Guy Gill. "It will  reduce collisions, and help emergency response times when law enforcement or fire is trying to get to a call."

 Gill sees people camped out in the left lane every day. Sometimes they get a warning, sometimes a $124 ticket.

A few years ago, troopers started a campaign to educate the public. They even made a Youtube video. Still, the left-lane camp-out continues.

A driver in Vancouver was so frustrated he started selling windshield decals with sayings like 'Move Over,' and an arrow pointing right with the words,  'Slower traffic.'

Drivers who travel along I-5 on a regular basis have other ways to get people to get out of that left lane.

"I flash the lights, honk, or go around them," said Tytus Clayton.  "And look at them like I’m real upset."

Troopers are concerned about road-rage incidents because of drivers staying in the left lane, and that's why they say they'll continue to target them out on the highway.