MUST WATCH: Man has eaten 95 meals at Olive Garden in 6 weeks

BURLINGTON, N.C. -- There is North Carolina man who likes pasta more than you.

Alan Martin has eaten 95 meals at Olive Garden in the last six weeks, WGHP reports.

Using a $100 'Pasta Pass' purchased a month and a half ago, Martin says he has received $1,510 worth of food so far. He eats at Olive Garden every day, twice a day, and plans to do so until his pass expires on Nov. 9.

The pasta pass is valid for all the pasta, salad, bread and Coca-Cola drink a person can consume during the seven week period. The pass -- part of a PR stunt -- was only made available to 1,000 people.

Martin, a church pastor and father of two, lives within walking distance of the Burlington Olive Garden. He likes the food, he says, even if he knows it's not the healthiest option around.

“I am willing to gain 30 pounds to collect $1,500 dollars in free dinners,” he said. "I can't believe I get to eat like this everyday, it's great."