ON CAMERA: Police try to ID 'persons of interest' in brazen Capitol Hill burglary

SEATTLE -- Two men seen on surveillance camera who may have been brazen burglars walked door-to-door in a secure apartment building on Capitol Hill, even talking to the people who live there, and no one saw a thing.

The burglary happened at the apartments at 19th and Mercer Thursday afternoon.

But the message is it could happen anywhere.

"I got home Thursday night and I came to just a place that was completely ransacked; all the cupboards were open; the drawers were open, the mattress was moved. Everything was just completely in disarray, “the burglary victim said.

The victim is still a little shaken and asked that we protect her identity.

"They stole my jewelry. They stole all my cash. They stole my computer. They stole a nice leather jacket, and some other finer pieces of clothing,” the ;victim said.

The building manager told residents the men in the picture are two suspects, seen on surveillance cameras, walking around inside the building.

Police are calling them persons of interest.

The victim says she believes the men somehow slipped inside and then picked the lock on her apartment.

"I just feel like my safety is not what it should be given where I live, in the area I'm in and I just feel, obviously very violated,” the victim said.

It is one of the newest complexes on The Hill in a neighborhood that has undergone tremendous gentrification.

The fact that someone so easily slipped inside,has neighbors nervous.

"That is bad because we pay quite a lot to live in this building because of the security. We pay that money because we want to have security and when this happens everybody is puzzled, actually,” neighbor Ree Hamai said.

Police insist that no matter how safe you think you are, there is simply no such thing as a secure building without an attendant at the front door.

"People need to understand that even though it's a secure building, there are ways for people to get inside. If they want in, they're going to get in and if you happen to leave your door unlocked or even if you lock your doors, if they really want in your apartment, they're going to get in,” Seattle police detective Patrick Michaud said.

If anyone recognizes the men, call Crime Stoppers at 800.222.TIPS.