Pike Place Market to restore iconic sign, clock

You may have taken pictures of it or with it in the background, but starting this week, crews will begin renovations on the iconic sign and clock at Seattle's Pike Place Market.

Officials at the market said for the next five weeks, the sign will be going through a restoration and preservation project. 

The market’s sign and clock hasn’t been painted in over 15 years and it is working with local contractor NOVO for the renovations. 


Pike Place Market celebrates 50th anniversary of campaign to save market

Tuesday marks the 50th anniversary of the campaign to save Pike Place Market. 

"You will see the letters pop more in the daytime. The sign will look shiny," said NOVO owner Cole Palea. 

 Crews started installing scaffolding on May 9 and will cover the clock and sign on Friday. 

Market officials said crews will be prepping, cleaning and painting.

The project is expected to finish mid-June. 

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"There’s a sense of ownership and pride happening on our team. The Market means a lot to us too. It’s not just another paint job for us," Palea said.

The clock and sign has been in place since 1928.