Gasoline from the Olympic Pipeline spilled into creeks in Skagit County

Gasoline from the Olympic Pipeline spilled into nearby creeks along State Route 534 in Conway.

The Environmental Protection Agency says gasoline was released from a concrete vault around 6:35 Sunday morning and was shut down immediately after the discovery.

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SR 534 between Cedardale Road and Bulson Road was shut down in both directions as multiple agencies helped with clean up efforts.

This vault is part of the 400-mile-long Olympic Pipeline which spans from Blaine, Washington all the way to Portland, Oregon.

BP operates the pipeline and its website says the system transports gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

As of Sunday night, responding agencies could not say how the spill happened and how much gasoline was released into Hill Ditch and Bulson Creek.

Families with students attending Conway Elementary School were notified that classes were canceled on Monday.

The EPA says no evacuations were activated, and an air monitoring network did not show levels that were a concern to public health.

Anyone who sees animals in distress near the affected portion of SR-534 should report it to the Oiled Wildlife Hotline number: 1-800-22-BIRDS.