Randy Quaid arrested in Canada, could be forced to leave the country

Randy Quaid was arrested Tuesday (Oct. 6) in Montreal, report Steve Rukavina and the CBC.

Quaid, whose most recent acting credit is a 2011 docu-drama made by his wife, Evi Quaid, about Hollywood assassins called "Star Whackers," has been living in Canada since 2010, after the couple applied for refugee status hoping to avoid getting star-whacked themselves.

Evi and Randy left behind charges for property damage in a California home that they were allegedly living in without the owners' knowledge or consent.

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While Randy was also arrested in Montreal in May 2015, Rukavina clarified on Twitter that this was a different incident.

Quaid was released under what CBC calls "strict conditions," which include meeting with Canadian Border Services Agency. According to the CBC, "The arrest was a surprise, and CBSA officials did not clearly explain to  why Quaid was being detained." Rukavina calls the reasons for Quaid's detention "unclear."

In an email to Zap2it, Evi had this to say about the arrest: "Yay Eat me Quebec and ps a midget who was tall did it."

She also writes on YouTube that the arrest happened right after this video was shot (warning: some NSFW language).

Both Randy and Evi applied for Canadian citizenship in 2010. Evi was granted in 2012, while CBC reports Randy's applications for both citizenship and permanent residency were declined because "he had been accused of defrauding an innkeeper in California," an incident where both Quaids allegedly skipped out on hotel bills in 2010.

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According to Rukavina's Tweets, Randy will have to face the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board on Oct. 8. And because Quaid "is still technically under a removal order from Canada," the actor "could be ordered to leave the country at any time."