Renton homeowner: Gunman said, 'Give me everything or I will blow this baby’s head away'

RENTON, Wash. -- After three home-invasion robberies in the area, one man is afraid to go to sleep at night after armed men threatened to kill his kids.

Two of the cases involve suspects with similar descriptions.

In Seattle's First Hill neighborhood near 9th Avenue and Alder Street, Seattle Police responded to a home invasion around 3 a.m. Wednesday. Around 4:30 a.m., a Renton family reported a home invasion on Pierce Avenue. Both involved four armed men.

While police have not said they are connected, Renton Police haven't ruled it out.

"With all these houses, why this?" asked Alfredo Ladrillon, who is still in fear after the robbers broke into his Renton home.

"I woke up and as I was getting ready to get up, it happened so fast," he said. "One guy put a gun to my head and another guy put a gun to my wife’s head and he said, 'Where’s the gold? Where’s the gold?'"

Ladrillon said the men had also gone to the next room, threatening his son, and four grandchildren, including twins not yet 2 years old, all right in front of him.

"He said, 'Give me everything or I will blow this baby’s head away,'" said Ladrillon. "At that point, I said go ahead and take everything, just don’t harm the baby."

Alfredo said the men left with most of their valuables, including phones, which delayed their calls to police.

"I came out, I saw the door open and they may have exited over here, and then I went to my neighbor across the street because they took my phone, my everything," said Ladrillon.

Renton Police said they are investigating and also looking to see if this case is connected to a home invasion in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood just a couple of hours before, where a woman reportedly jumped out of the window to escape four armed men.

For Ladrillon, knowing he’s not alone brings some sense of comfort but knowing that this could happen again has him and his family in fear.

"Nobody wants to sleep over here right now," said Ladrillon.

In the Renton case, the men have been described as four black men in their early 20s with average builds and black hair.

-One wore a gray sweatshirt and dark pants

-Another dressed in all black

-A third wore a gray hooded sweatshirt

-The fourth wore a khaki-colored puffy jacket.

As for the case in Seattle, few details of the four suspects have been released.