Repeat offender sentenced to 6 years for selling drugs, attacking man while on supervised release

A prolific drug dealer in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood was sentenced to six years in prison.

The Western Washington U.S. Attorney's office announced the sentencing Tuesday, saying 53-year-old Marvin Traylor was sentenced for drug dealing and harassing an elderly man with a gun.

According to U.S. Attorney Nick Brown, Traylor was on supervised release from a previous term on Feb. 2019, but started committing crimes again, including domestic violence assault and selling drugs in Pioneer Square. Brown said Traylor was again on supervised release, and was assisted by the Veteran's Administration and the King County LEAD program, but kept dealing drugs.

Seattle Police observed Traylor in the International District selling drugs near 12th and Jackson. They say when an elderly man came to the corner to panhandle, Traylor attacked him and ‘held something in his pocket to the man’s head,' then struck him with the object.

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When officers arrested Traylor shortly after, they found a loaded, stolen handgun in that same pocket. They also recovered crack cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.