Seattle Police arrest drug trafficking suspect, seize guns and pounds of drugs

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Seattle Police arrested a suspected drug trafficker in Issaquah, seizing more than 13 pounds of narcotics, thousands of pills and two dozen guns.

SPD’s Narcotics Unit conducted a months-long investigation into a 43-year-old Renton man.

On Tuesday, detectives and SWAT officers arrested the man outside a hardware store in Issaquah, and then served a warrant at his home in Renton.

At the home, officers recovered 644 grams of fentanyl powder, which police say is capable of producing around 300,000 pills. They also seized 3,000 fentanyl pills, 3,039 grams of meth, 310 grams of heroin, 242 grams of Xanax tablets, 1,667 grams of cocaine, 13 vial doses of fentanyl and 209 grams of suboxone.

Officers recovered 17 handguns, 4 semi-automatic rifles, a shotgun and 2 high-caliber rifles with scopes.

The man was booked into King County Jail for narcotics and weapons charges, as he is a convicted felon prohibited from owning firearms.

This latest arrest comes as Puget Sound law enforcement looks to tackle the growing fentanyl crisis in the region. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please reach out to the Alcohol and Drug Help Line at 206-722-3700 for 24/7 assistance.

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