Snow, ice on Whatcom County roads to cause dangerous driving conditions

FERNDALE, Wash. -- A chilly forecast could mean trouble for drivers, especially in the northern interior where snow fell Monday morning.

Whatcom County officials said the roads could stay hazardous into the Tuesday morning commute. People in Bellingham woke up to slick roads and spin-outs Monday.

“It’s pretty treacherous, I was on I-5 all of a mile and I saw a couple people off the road,” said Jordan Levien.

Jordan and his family got a snow day off from school but it wasn’t much fun for drivers.

“Anywhere in town I’ve been has been nasty,” he said.

Bellingham road crews are working 24-hour shifts but the real challenge begins when the sun goes down.

“We are primarily concerned about the major arterials and the larger roadways,” said Eric Johnston with the city’s Public Works Department. “The side streets tend to stay icy over the long term.”

County road crews spread sand on many roads but it didn’t happen soon enough for trucker Cody Hicks; his big rig got stuck on the ice.

“It just started sliding,” he said. “We tried to put some chains on the get it moving, couldn’t get it moving.”

Police shut down a portion of Pacific Highway for about an hour after Hicks' truck nearly slid into the ditch.

“It means that load isn’t going to be delivered until conditions get better because it’s just too dangerous,” he said.

Some roads were clearer than others but with temperatures dropping into the mid 20s overnight, it’s a reminder for drivers to be careful wherever they go.

“If it does freeze tonight with all the moisture on the road it’s going to be an ice rink in the morning,” said Fransisco Siez.