Some shoppers, commuters tire of disruptions as protesters march downtown

SEATTLE- Shoppers and commuters who head downtown with any frequency are growing tired of protests blocking streets and clogging drive times, many said Monday.

Protesters again took to the streets and temporarily blocked traffic in downtown during rush hour Monday night. The small group marched to Westlake Center and stood in the middle of the intersection to voice concerns about police brutality across the country.

Seattle Police followed demonstrators who marched several blocks before stopping traffic at 4th and Pine just before 6 p.m. After several minutes, police told them to move back onto the sidewalks or they could be arrested.

“We`re demanding justice for Eric Garner, demanding justice for Tamir Rice, justice for Michael Brown, police murder needs to end. Ferguson is everywhere,” said demonstrator Emma Kaplan.

Kaplan said stopping traffic draws attention to their cause.

But some drivers stuck as the group took over the intersection disagreed. A metro bus driver pushed back against the protesters clogging the streets.

“Watch these protesters block streets and keep the hardworking people from going home," bus driver Wayne Hardy said. "This street is just totally backed up, there is just no reason for this.”

Several dozen protestors later marched on the sidewalks several blocks through downtown.

"It is very righteous when people stand-up and say no more," said Kaplan.

Seattle Police arrested one woman on an obstructing arrest charge stemming from a demonstration Saturday night.