South Seattle church members say they heard a loud bang after Molotov cocktail thrown at their South Seattle church

SEATTLE - Church members say Thursday night they heard a loud bang coming from the front door as they were worshipping inside Iglesia Ni Cristo in South Seattle.

Firefighter say that was someone throwing Molotov cocktails at the church. There are three spots on the outside of the church that has soot on it but the damage is minimal. Churchgoers say they are grateful the small fires did not grow and penetrate the walls.

Nearby businesses shared surveillance images that captured the moment the South Seattle church was attacked.

You don’t see the suspect in the video but you see a fireball.

Seattle Fire Department says an arsonist threw several molotov cocktails at the church but as of Friday night there is no suspect description.

“It’s really unacceptable to do that,” South Seattle resident Ahmed Warsame said.

Warsame does not go to Iglesia Ni Cristo but he says the arson still affects him.

“If you attack any religion you attacking all religions, Muslim or Christian,” Warsame said.

Church members told Q13 News the congregation is majority Filipinos but that everybody no matter what background is welcome.

“I just always say hi you know, very welcoming,” Warsame said.

On Friday ATF investigators spent all day collecting new evidence, taking pictures and scanning the spots of the church hit by a Molotov cocktail.

Residents who live next door didn’t want to be identified but they say public safety is a concern for them in South Seattle.

“I have a hard time understanding that human beings would treat human beings that way,” a neighbor said.

Seattle Police are leading the investigation.