SPD: 2 men arrested after a 'chaotic' shooting incident in Chinatown-International District

Seattle Police arrested two men following a ‘chaotic’ fight that escalated into multiple shots fired inside a restaurant in the Chinatown-International District early Saturday morning. Witnesses say it started, because of an argument over an ex-boyfriend.

According to the Seattle Police Department (SPD), about a half hour after midnight, police responded to a restaurant near the corner of S King St. and 2nd Ave. S. 

Witnesses who called 911 told police that two women had been arguing over an ex-boyfriend, and then started physically fighting each other. 

After reviewing surveillance video from the restaurant, police observed two men approach the fighting women, and one of the men assaulted one of the women from behind. This started a fight between the two men.

After some time, the two men created distance between each other, but the second man came back with a knife, and stabbed the other man repeatedly in the back.

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A third man, a bystander, decided to get involved – tackling the stabbing suspect to the ground. 

While the bystander was holding down the stabbing suspect, he produced a gun of his own. The stabbing victim then pulled out his gun and shot the man who stabbed him.

While the stabbing suspect was laying on the ground with a gunshot wound, the third man that was holding him down started to head out of the building. The stabbing victim – now shooting suspect – approached the third man as he exited the restaurant. 

It is unknown what the shooting suspect said to the third man, but for some reason, the third man decided to shoot him near the exit. 

According to the SPD, the man who was shot, and the man who was shot and stabbed were both taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment, and will eventually be booked into jail. 

The bystander has a valid Concealed Carry Permit and was not arrested, but his firearm was taken in as evidence.

This is a developing story as an investigation is underway.