SPD: Numerous drugs found with sleeping man in car

SEATTLE – A sleeping man in a car turned out to be a wanted man, and is now in jail.

The drugs that he reportedly had on him didn’t help, either.

Officers arrested the man on Saturday night in a parking lot on the 2900 block of Rainier Avenue South. Seattle Police Det. Patrick Michaud said that the officers spotted the man slumped over the car’s steering wheel around 10 p.m., and a quick check determined that there was a warrant for the car’s driver from an earlier hit-and-run.

After the man was placed under arrest, a search of his jacket revealed a can with a hidden storage spot. The contents of that can, Michaud said, included 63 grams of crack cocaine, 25 grams of crystal meth, a small amount of heroin and $2,500 in cash.

The suspect was booked into the King County Jail. His car has been impounded as police await a search warrant to investigate the interior.