Spring storms in with wild weather -- sun, hail, rain and snow

SEATTLE -- We've made it to the first weekend of spring and it certainly does NOT feel like spring for most of us.

It feels more like winter with highs only landing in the upper 40s Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Q13 News  Meteorologist Tim Joyce says we'll turn the corner and start to warm back up by Tuesday.

In the meantime we're seeing rain, snow, sleet and hail -- a wintry mix sticking around with the cooler temperatures.  As we warm up the rain/snow mix will turn to just rain.

Studded tires can stay on

Since snow is forecast so late in the season, WSDOT is extending the deadline to remove studded tires to April 15. Usually studs have to be removed by the end of March.

If you're caught with studded tires on April 16, you could face a $136 fine.

Oregon has also extended their deadline to April 15.

We can't rule out scattered thunderstorms through this afternoon too. Just like Thursday during the afternoon commute, we saw some cells producing quite a bit of hail.  Those squalls moved through and did not last that long, but just long enough to kick up the winds and blow the rain/hail sideways -- making for some pretty interesting weather pictures.

Snow levels sit near 1,000 feet so the mountains will continue to get some fresh powder today and through the weekend, but the chances will decrease as we move towards Sunday.

The next system rolls in Monday, bringing light rain.  High pressure will build over the Pacific Northwest the middle of next week with mostly dry and somewhat warmer weather.

SATURDAY – SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers each day.  A little less of a chance on Sunday though.  Clouds should give way and open up to partly sunny skies by the afternoon. Highs near 50 with lows chilly in the mid 30s.

MONDAY: A new front drops in a few light showers with mostly cloudy skies. Highs in the low 50s with overnights warming back up into the low 40s.

TUESDAY – WEDNESDAY – THURSDAY: Drying out!  Cloud cover decreases each day for more spring sunshine.  By Wednesday afternoon into Thursday we’ll see partly sunny conditions with highs much warmer climbing back into the mid to upper 50s.  Some of us could find ourselves hitting 60 by Thursday.  Lows in the mid 40s.